About Lubricana Oil

Keeping our world in motion!

With the lowest cost of ownership on the market, Lubricana Oil’s products are the result of over 30 years of effort in product development, formulation and re‐formulation, scientific and market testing.

An image of ATUM-ADDIT™


Less energy is more energy

We give your equipment what it needs to help combat friction providing the ultimate finish for your equipment needs. Less wasted energy means more useful energy for your bottom line.

ATUM-ADDIT™ uses the equipment’s primary lubricant to treat the metal surfaces and help guard against friction damage.

Here are some more of the benefits…  

  • Improves fuel efficiency and performance
  • Reduces maintenance and down time
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Drastically reduces friction and eliminates dry start up wear
  • Can be added to virtually any lubricant
  • Lowers operating oil temperatures and reduces oil oxidation
  • Reduces wear metals suspended in oil
  • Inhibits corrosion/rust and leaves no deposits
  • Maintains seal pliability
  • Does not contain chlorine, sulfur, phosphate, PTFE, other particulates and chlorinated paraffins

The ATUM-ADDIT™ formula can be used by adding it to an existing oil or as a complete oil blend package.